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New conveniences in our “aire naturelle”, our natural campsite

New conveniences in our “aire naturelle”, our natural campsite

If you came camping at our pop-up campsite in 2020 and 2021, you can expect to see an upgrade.

Now that we’ve decided to keep our natural campsite, our “aire naturelle”, as a part of our holiday- and retreat centre, we invested in useful, reliable conveniences.

In 2 places centrally on the campsite we installed 10 domestic sockets with current up to 6 amperes – 220 volts – 1450 watts. There you will also find taps with drinkable water.

At the washbasin at the back of the building we also provided hot water now, and you can stand on gravel there.

Also, the trailer got his finishing touches and was placed on an idyllic, separate spot on the domain, with its own wild flower garden.

That’s the upgrade you can expect!

We would love to see you (back) soon.

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Published 08-06-2022 / Copyright © La Divine Providence