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Ik lag  aan een infuus van energie.

Ik lag aan een infuus van energie.

This week we received a group of seven entrepreneurs and their trainers for a training. Everything went completely corona-proof. Our meeting room is spacious enough to allow everyone to sit remotely at their own table.
We offered meals as a takeaway formula, everyone had their own room where they could have their breakfast.

Connectivity is one of our core values, so we went for connectedness during this time as well. After the training, the participants could gather around the fire in the courtyard. Afterwards we received nice compliments about the fun and how much good it had done them. One of the participants testified how he had been on an infusion of energy, because of the connection around the fire and the purity of the moment.

We are grateful that we could offer the framework.

Lieven and Maya

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Published 25-02-2021 / Copyright © La Divine Providence