House rules

Campsite and trailer:

  1. Either you book private sanitary facilities or you bring your own sanitary facilities and do not use the ones on the campsite. There are no public sanitary facilities. If you book the trailer, private sanitary facilities are included.
  2. Campfires are only allowed in the campfire area surrounded by the tree stumps in the centre of the campsite. Other campfires are considered as damage to the terrain. In case of drought campfires are forbidden.
  3. Driving on the grass is at your own risk. The parking lot has power points too and a solid ground. We are not responsible if your car/caravan gets stuck in the terrain or if it gets damaged. Driving on the lawn in front of the building is forbidden at all times.
  4. According to municipal regulations, noise is prohibited from 10 p.m to 6 a.m. Sound amplification is prohibited, even in the daytime.
  5. Dogs are allowed. The owner is responsible for his animals.
  6. Causing damage to the domain’s flora and fauna is forbidden.
  7. Garbage has to be sorted out according to Belgian regulations. You can sort out your garbage in the appropriate garbage containers at the exit. The paper container is in the chapel, the glass container is near the cave.


Dogs are allowed. When dogs are alone in the trailer, they must stay in a dog crate.